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Mobile Application Environment Toolkit

The Mobile Application Environment Toolkit (Maekit), represents several breakthrough technologies that allow you to deploy applications faster, manage your investment better, and insure against obsolescence in a fast moving mobile environment. The Maekit is the ONLY web-based, drag and drop mobile development tool that allows you to build, deploy, and manage any mobile application. With Maekit you can roll out applications in hours instead of months.

  • Build and deploy applications to various hardware platforms that integrate with existing back end systems in hours
  • Deliver via internet technologies
  • Manage GUI, security, data integrations, data transport, and on-going support from the website
  • Fully flexible business logic layer to enforce your process requirements
  • Drag and drop interface for ease of use
  • No intermediary server requirements -- the devices talk directly to your ODBC compliant database, XML based API, or CSV based import/export engines
  • Full visibility into the application via logging and timers to evaluate effectiveness and usability (you can't optimize what you don't measure)
  • Fully embedded application that continues to support your process with or without a network connection

Architecture of Maekit

Architecture of Rapid Extension Framework

Master Intelligence Engine (BuildIT)
The Master Intelligence Engine, otherwise known as BuildIT is a web-based toolset that allows users to build applications, remotely configure the hardware devices, manage their interoperability with external data sources, provide visibility into the operations and usage of the applications, and run reports via the reporting engine. BuildIT does NOT have to 'touch' your corporate data.

RunIT (for Data Capture)
The RunIT is the software that runs on the mobile devices.  RunIT presents the User Interface, enforces the business rules, secures the device, and supports your application across the various mobile devices.  In addition to the application functionality, RunIT optionally allows you to optionally:

  • Prevent unauthorized access to the underlying operating system
  • Fully restore application and data in the case of a power loss
  • 'Image' the mobile device to ensure standardization when customer employs a check out system for devices

GetIT provides the underlying data transportation and integration directly with the mobile device.  In addition to the real-time or batch operating modes, GetIT provides complete software distribution so you never have to 'touch' your devices for upgrades or changes.

Enterprise Data
The Enterprise Data represents your back end system(s) which will both provide data to and accept data from the mobile applications.  GetIT can connect to any ODBC compliant database, XML based APIs, or file based import/export engines.